The company offers maintenance and repair services for all SAAB model cars. We have been servicing SAAB cars since 1996. Relying on the vast experience, we can guarantee the highest level of service available for these vehicles.

Our services for SAAB cars:

System fault diagnostics for all SAAB models:

– Engine, suspension, brake, transmission, steering systems, air conditioning, etc.

All technical maintenance services for all SAAB models:

– Oil replacement, replacement of other exploitation liquids (cooling, breaking, power steering), filter replacement, distribution and assembly belt replacement, air conditioner filling, control system configuration, etc.

All assembly and component replacement and/or repair for all SAAB models:

– Engine, clutch, mechanical and automatic gearbox, suspension parts, brake system parts, air conditioning system parts, generator, starter, control block, etc.

All body repair work and body paint work for all SAAB models:

– Replacement and/or repair of body parts, plastic parts repair, glass replacement, body parts painting, cost outlay, and claim administration (we work with all Lithuanian insurance companies).

DP Servisas UAB does all body repair works without outsourcing any partners or agents.

DP Servisas SAAB ir VOLVO autocentras